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THETAHEALING® אנטומיה אינטויטיבית ברמת גן 27.05 – 14.06

Duration: 3 weeks (15 days).

The Intuitive Anatomy Seminar is an in-depth journey of discovery that takes ThetaHealing® Practitioners through the Body Intuitive, allowing them to intimately and intuitively meet the organs and systems. The student will discover the emotions and Beliefs that are inherent in the body. This seminar offers healing to the bodies systems through the release of accumulated energetic emotions. We then explore the beliefs held in each system and their relationships to physical “dis-ease”. Students have ample time for self-healing and work with other seminar members to clear limiting Beliefs. This is the seminar for the serious ThetaHealing® Practitioners who desire to become highly skilled at scanning and healing within the physical body using the ThetaHealing® Technique.

  In the Intuitive Anatomy Seminar the ThetaHealing® Instructor guides the student to:

Learn the magic of the human body.

Learn that disease and disorders go hand in hand with the demonstration of emotions.

Come to the realization that emotions are signals that the body is out of balance.

Discover new emotional Programs and Beliefs that are attached to every body system.

Understand how much space is taken up by negative emotions.

Know the specific Beliefs that come with diseases.

Practice seeing into the body with body scans. honor the client’s free agency.

The clearer students become, the easier it is for them to work on their clients and themselves. In each system, the student will encounter emotions, challenges and issues that they’ve carried for a very long time. This seminar is designed for the Creator to groom healers. The friendships that come out of this seminar can be forever.

Seminar Includes:
ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy Manual & Anatomical Chart Book.

Prerequisites: Basic DNAAdvanced DNADig Deeper

Location: Ramat Gan

Date and Hour:
This seminar is a 3 week seminar. It is generally offered 5 days on and then 2 days off for 3 weeks.
27.05 – 31.05, 03.06 – 07.06, 10.06 – 14.06 16.00 -22.00pm

Total Costs 7100 shekel

Intuitive Anatomy with Gaya Rozensweig -Registration Fee

1,000.00 ₪

Intuitive Anatomy with Gaya Rozensweig – Seminar costs

6,100.00 ₪

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THETAHEALING® קורס מתקדמים ברמת גן 21.04-23.04

Duration: 3 Days
The Advanced ThetaHealing Seminar expands the information in the Basic Seminar to encompass an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us.
The student will learn how to clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold them back. The student will discover how to heal with the “Baby in the Womb” and “Heal the Broken Soul” exercises. The student will receive Feelings that are Downloaded from the Instructor that will bring profound healing and enlightenment to them.
This seminar is a delightful experience as students are filled with many new and positive feelings such as knowing how to appreciate the now and what self acceptance feels like for the Seventh Plane.
As a student of ThetaHealing, you will continue learning and mastering belief work, enhance your knowledge on downloads, and learn how to differentiate between the different planes of existence and the knowledge in each plane through various exercises building on the information learned in the basic practitioner class.
With the completion of the Advanced Practitioner Seminar, you would have developed a strong foundation in the basics of ThetaHealing and can either look at becoming a ThetaHealing Instructor or continue your path as a ThetaHealing Practitioner.”
Seminar Includes: Advanced ThetaHealing® All That Is & ThetaHealing® Advanced Manual
Location: Ramat Gan
Date and Hours:   21.04.2019 16.00-21.00
                                  22.04.2019 16.00-21.00
                                  23.04.2019 16.00-21.00
This seminar is taught in 3 consecutive days.
Prerequisites: Basic DNA

granes with Gaya Rozensweig  COURSE THETAHEALING DNA2

ADVANCE DNA ThetaHealing® Seminar with Gaya Rozensweig

1,800.00 ₪

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THETAHEALING® Dig Dipper 14.02.19 – 15.02.19 in Moscow


Duration: 2 days

The ThetaHealing® Technique is fabulous for getting to the origin of our issues because Practitioners are taught an incredible technique called ‘digging’. This narrative style approach allows us to comfortably discover the elusive and deep subconscious thoughts and beliefs that can block us. The ThetaHealing®™ technique then uses unconditional love, Belief and Feeling work to clear these.

This seminar is designed to get all ThetaHealers® well trained at this essential technique, to give you the solid grounding, and tips you need so you are confident at digging to find your clients ‘key core beliefs’. Unless we can successfully identify the true heart and origin of the problem you won't know what beliefs to change. It can also mean that the changes you make may only be temporary, and un-cleared negative beliefs can be barriers to true healing.

This seminar will empower you to help your clients understand their own behaviours and lives, then through helping them make healing changes you'’ll be able to emerge balanced and clear at the completion of their sessions.

With the completion of the Dig Deeper Seminar, you will have proficient knowledge and experience to keep doing belief work on yourself and others. You will be able to know all the techniques to release and uncover the hidden beliefs that we are operating from. Under the guidance of your instructor, you will have ample practice time for this class.

Технике «диггинга» (раскопок) тета-практики начинают обучаться уже на Базовом курсе. Вианна Стайбл, создатель метода ThetaHealing® даёт следующее описание этой технике: «Диггинг — это техника энергетического тестирования, позволяющая обнаружить ключевые убеждения, стоящие за многими другими убеждениями и служащие их причиной.» Она считает, что «диггинг» — это одна из наиболее важных техник Тета Исцеления. При этом, как отмечает Вианна в своей книге «Тета-исцеление. Продвинутый уровень»: «…некоторые тратят многие часы на проработку тысяч убеждений, но пренебрегают техникой диггинга. Однако изъятие убеждений наугад без обнаружения коренного убеждения, приводит только к неразберихе». Уверенность Вианны в важности техники диггинга для успешного исцеления и вдохновила её на создание нового сертифицированного курса для тета-практиков, в котором раскрыты все тонкости техники глубинных раскопок.
После окончания обучения на курсе участники получают сертификат института THInK Вианны Стайбл.
Необходимые условия для прохождения курса
Базовый и Продвинутый курсы Тета Хилинг.
Глубинные раскопки – обязательный курс для практиков ThetaHealing®, после Базового и Продвинутого курса, дающий право на продолжение совершенствования метода и прохождение остальных курсов. Основная задача курса – научиться качественно работать с убеждениями.

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Practitioners Manual
Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA

Location: Oranit, Israel
Date and Hours:   14.02.2019 10.00-17.00
                                  15.12.2019 10.00-17.00


При внесении депозита 5000 до 1 февраля 20 000 С 1 февраля 25 000 В день обучения 30 000 Внимание! При отказе от участия предоплата не возвращается и не переносится на другие курсы/даты.

5,000.00 ₪


Для участия в обучении необходимо иметь сертификаты о прохождении курсов Базовый и Продвинутый THetaHealing. Студентам предоставляются следующие материалы по обучению: Методическое пособие “Глубинные раскопки”, рабочая тетрадь, ручки. По окончании курса выдается международный сертификат единой формы института THetaHealing.

20,000.00 ₽


Специальное предложение Уже проходили данное обучение, то получите стипендию 50% для повторного прохождения курсов и сертификат института Thetahealing. И Вы, конечно же, получите снова сертификат о прохождении тренингов, а также методические материалы.

10,000.00 ₽